• Protect your storage tanks...

    The SmartHAWK wireless monitoring solution is a self-organizing, self-healing wireless mesh network of up to 240 sensors.  With a user adjustable data collection interval & signal range of up to 300 meters, the SmartHAWK system can provide critical information about the health of the motors and pumps in your storage terminal.

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  • See the future...

    Do you know when your next pump is going to fail? 

    Discover how the SmartHAWK wireless monitoring solution can help protect against equipment failures and unexpected downtime.

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  • Easy to install, easy to use...

    The SmartHAWK system is a complete solution for monitoring critical equipment.  Historical and real-time data is always available, thanks to the easy to interpret graphical user interface.  Installation is quick and simple, and the advanced mesh network is secure from unauthorized users.  Best of all, the system is compatible with new installations or existing equipment.

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  • Smart operators know...

    The SmartHAWK wireless monitoring solution can provide information about the health of your pumps.  With user adjustable alert thresholds & SCADA compatibility, this can mean more efficient maintenance schedules, and a lower risk of unexpected downtime.

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  • TDG Aerospace Launches TDG Technologies, LLC

    With its SmartHAWK family of industrial wireless sensors, TDG Technologies, LLC brings cost-effective equipment health monitoring solutions to critical hazardous and non-hazardous industrial applications.

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SmartHAWK from TDG Technologies is a system of wireless sensors designed to monitor and record critical machine data in both hazardous and non-hazardous industrial environments.

It delivers a cost-effective method for real-time reporting of operational parameters associated with machine health - providing an opportunity to plan, schedule, and correct potential problems before they lead to unexpected downtime. SmartHAWK provides adjustable alert thresholds, email and text alert notifications, and SCADA compatibility, which allows for customization to your specific needs.

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